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March 24, 2021

Casa Golosa montage

The Vitals:
the spot: Casa Golosa 1211 E. 6th St. Austin TX 78702
the eats: all the pastas
the bucks: $12-$15 for one pasta, enough for two 
the full nelson: I can’t wait to take my East Coast peeps here

Worth leaving the house for

Over the last year of pandemic life I have been focusing my content on recipes. I’ve been cooking more than ever before, delving into the the healthier side of food, sourcing better ingredients and frankly been saving some coin. So it’s gotta take something damn special for me to post about a restaurant.

Then I stumbled onto Casa Golosa.

Casa Golosa sign

Casa Golosa menuThank you Instagram

This little food trailer is parked in hip East Austin, on the hot block known as East Sixth street. I’ve taken countless people on food tours over here but that ended abruptly last year when Covid-19 shut the world down. I rarely find myself down here despite being a 5 minute drive from my casa. In fact I would have never come across this Casa if it were not for a post from the Austin Eater.

Real Italian Pastas

Once I confirmed that these were indeed real deal Italian Pastas, I made tracks on the first lazy Sunday I could find. Why Sunday? I wanted a perfect comfort food day when I was ready to step away from the grill and focus my appetite on a starchy masterpiece. These real deal Italian pastas often take the spotlight from pricey entrees like Veal Picatta, showing off the simple truth that peasant food rules.

Order the menu . . . if you can.

We went with these three pastas: Maccherocini Al Fume(bottom), Fettucini Bolognese(middle), and Pappardelle Cingiahle(top). No regrets across the board either. And I should mention each pasta is just enough for two but it’s so good you would want the satisfaction of knowing you have an order all to yourself.

Casa Golosa PappardellePappardelle Al Cinghiale

If I see Pappardelle on the menu, I stop my tracks. Typically served with a meaty ragu, the Casa Golosa version comes sans tomato and I ain’t mad at all about that. It might come off appearing at something closer beef stroganoff until your first bite of rosemary infused meat sauce hits you. This pasta is flat out special and my fav.


Casa Golosa Fettucini

Fettuccine Bolognese

This crowd pleasing pasta was a fav for my family, and it’s easy to see why. When Bolognese is made with braised meat versus ground meat, it’s just exceptionally better from a texture standpoint. And good layer of melted cheese never hurts either.

Casa Golosa PenneMaccheroncini Al Fume

I had high hopes for this pasta and while I enjoyed it, overall it was our least fav of the three. The sauce is rich and in an all out pasta royal rumble, this one felt kinda heavy. I would say getting this pasta with a secondi(entree) would be wise but Casa Golosa doesn’t serve entrees(yet). Still a fine pasta by any standards.

My go to for Italian in Austin

So . . . yeah this place is a freaking find and a half. Previously I would have said Patrizi’s, another food truck/trailer would be my go to place for pasta in Austin but Casa Golosa serves up seven different pasta shapes with each being paired to a respective sauce. Patrizi’s serves up just one pasta shape but does six distinct dishes with that pasta.

And now I gotta go back to Patrizi’s and probably post that next since I got pasta on the brain. Regardless of my non stop yearnings, markdown Casa Golosa as an Austin must try spot.

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