Reverse Sear Traeger recipe

January 11, 2024

Reverse Sear Traeger montage

Reverse Sear Traeger

If you have invested in a Traeger, especially one with a side induction burner like on the newer Timberline series, you should try out this method. I use the Timberline all the time and yet this was my first time doing the Reverse Sear Traeger? I know, I’m baffled too.

Reverse Sear Traeger Hardcore Carnivore Black Rub

Hardcore Carnivore Rub

This line up of seasonings from Live Fire Chef Jess Pryles is a phenomenon onto itself. This wasn’t the first “black” seasoning I’ve encountered but I will be hard pressed to find a better one. Especially because my kid absolutely loves or as he put it “it’s bussin'”. My wife is a fan too and she isn’t the biggest fan of most rubs.

The key here is that this seasoning greatly adds to the sear factor when using a pellet grill. If you don’t know, pellet grills don’t use direct heat so achieving a sear has been challenging, though the latest Timberline has made great strides. Grab some rub like Hardcore Carnivore black and you’re in business.

Reverse Sear Traeger Meater Thermometer

Meater 2 Plus

This is the latest offering from Meater, a company that makes wireless smart thermometers. They have a partnership with Traeger so I have received their product over the years. A digital thermometer is a must and I have been a loyal Thermoworks fan for years, I use their Thermapen all the time. I even have a remote probe thermometer from Thermoworks which is great but it isn’t 100%  wirefree. You still have to contend with a probe with a wire.

I had issues with the first Meater thermometer sent to me but thus far Meater 2 Plus has been a freaking dream. The app not only tracks the cooking progress but also records previous cooks so you can really hone in on your process. The accuracy has been fantastic and I honestly may never reach for my Thermoworks remote probe again. Reverse Sear Traeger

Cook at 275 till your 10 degrees away from your final temp

Pardon my dirty grates but meat can be messy, amirtite? This is as simple as the headline up there. Fire up the Traeger to 275 and cook your steak till 10 degrees of your goal temp. I set mine to 130 degrees.

Reverse Sear Traeger finish

Crank up the heat and sear away

The induction burner heats up fast. Grab a high temp cooking oil like Avocado and in a few minutes lay that steak on the sizzling pan. You’re going for color here so make an audible in the huddle or in other words, use your best judgement on the level of sear you want.

Reverse Sear Traeger plate

Coast to coast red

Unsightly grey band underneath the sear? What stinking grey band? Exactly. Look if you’re a die hard about medium rare, reverse sear Traeger is as fool proof as it gets without a sous vide. Add the Hardcore Carnivore Black Seasoning and the Meater 2 Plus and you are set for great steak dinners at home.

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