Three Fold Noodle ~ Little Rock AR

July 7, 2020

Three Fold Noodle and Dumpling Co montage

The Vitals:
the spot: Three Fold Noodle and Dumpling Co 611 S. Main St. Little Rock AR 72201(one of two locations)
the eats: The Half and Half – Dumplings + Noodles
the bucks: $10
the full nelson: legit dumplings in a slick setting that makes you respect the Little Rock food scene

Three Fold Noodle and Dumpling Co is the kind of place you want to have in your neighborhood. I’ve been to Little Rock once before, over 20 years ago and me thinks the food scene has changed a lot. Slick atmosphere, authentic Chinese fare and affordable prices make a statement in any city and that’s what makes Three Fold Noodle a total gem. Now let’s talk about what you need to order . . .

Three Fold Noodle and Dumpling Co sign

If you have been keeping up with my tweets you know I have embarked on a road trip to the East Coast. Little Rock was our first stop and with the current Covid-19 climate, I was fully prepared to live off of fast food drive thru and whatever take out we could find. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Three Fold Noodle and Dumpling Co. Even the website is a looker, they offer curbside pick up and sold local craft beer by the single and six pack. In a word: SCORE.

Three Fold Noodle and Dumpling Co half and half portrait

Being the indecisive man that I am, I went with the half and half at Three Fold. Juicy Pork Dumplings and Pork Noodles. There are chicken and vegetarian options as well. For me though, the ultimate taste test lies in what they do with a pork dumpling.

Time to get down with Shui Jiao, or boiled dumplings. I love ’em steamed but don’t miss out on a good boiled dumpling when they are made in house. And that’s the key to Three Fold Noodle and Dumpling Co, they make the noodles and dumplings in house. Just like an Italian joint that makes their own pasta, when a noodle and dumpling joint makes their own noodles and dumplings, they take things to another level.

Three Fold Noodle and Dumpling Co dumplings

I could eat Three Fold Noodle’s pork dumplings all day but I had zero regrets getting the pork noodles. The pork was bursting with flavor. It was almost as if Three Fold took a page from the Carolina school of pulled pork and made magic out of pork shoulder. Maybe they use locally sourced meat or they put some serious mojo in the braise, in either case you cannot miss out on this.

You might have noticed some chili paste in the mix. I went with spicy but they also have a level above called “poison”. Spicy was not overwhelming, so if you’re a hot head maybe give poison a shot.

Little Rock might surprise you, it surprised me. Three Fold Noodle is one of those places that makes you think twice about what’s happening in Little Rock. There’s lighter fare on the menu too like salads if that’s your jam. But I say use your noodle and stick to the noodles and dumplings at Three Fold Noodle and Dumpling Co.

I was waiting the whole post to use that line. I hope it was worth it.



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