Antonella’s Italian Kitchen ~ Philadelphia, PA

East Coast
August 12, 2020

Antonella's Italian Kitchen montage The Vitals:
the spot: Antonella’s Italian Kitchen 841 Conestoga road Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
the eats: Meatball Hoagie
the bucks: $9
the full nelson: when your meatball fix needs a double shot of gluttony 

Antonella’s Italian Kitchen is proof that the suburbs of Philadelphia can churn out a legit hoagie.
Sure, some people might not think getting a Meatball sub is that hard. They probably have never had a real hoagie. Or a grinder. Yes, they all mean the same thing but when you are in a part of the country that will passionately correct you on the proper nomenclature of a giant meatball sandwich, you are certain you are going to eat a very, very good, giant meatball sandwich.

Antonella's Italian Kitchen sign

Food Network approved

Antonella’s Italian Kitchen has been on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, a show I tend to pop in on from time to time. And I shouldn’t be surprised. This hoagie shop is a true find. Sure, Philadelphia might be called the best sandwich city in America but that claim to fame is built on the hoagie shops in the working class neighborhoods of South Philly. Antonella’s Italian Kitchen is in a stretch of ritzy neighborhoods known as the Main Line. But don’t worry, it’s got blue collar genes through and through.

No Frills Menu

The interior of Antonella’s Italian Kitchen could be the most unpretentious thing you are gonna see without a train ride into Suburban Station. Look carefully and you will see legit Cheap Eats prices folks. Money wise it seems like a no brainer to upgrade your hoagie to a large. As far as your waistline goes, a regular sized hoagie is really all you need.

Antonella's Italian Kitchen Meatball hoagie 1

Bigger than a dinner plate

So I got the large. Maybe I should have gotten a plate to go along with it. For the record, I took my hoagie to go back over to my in law’s house. Maybe they need bigger plates. Over the years I have a tried a few hoagies at Antonella’s and none disappoint, especially the ones that involve prosciutto. It really comes down to mood and good meatballs don’t happen often enough in my life so I saddled up with this sandwich.

Antonella's Italian Kitchen Meatball hoagie 3

A sandwich you can’t put down

I could have eaten half. I should have eaten half. Half is more than enough. But when you sink you teeth into those rich, made that day meatballs, in a sauce with just the right amount of garlic and parmesan . . . well gluttony happens. You turn into a selfish person. A person that decides your future self isn’t worth investing in. You eat the whole thing. And you have regrets. Mostly that you should have split it and tried a different sandwich because the only downside to Antonella’s is that you can’t eat the whole menu in one sitting.

Maybe that’s a good thing. At least the doctor think’s so. This is a darn legit hoagie shop in the burbs of Philly. Put it in your sandwich bucket list.

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