Patrizi’s ~ Austin TX

March 6, 2022

Patrizi's montage

The Vitals:
the spot: Patrizi’s 2307 Manor Road Austin TX 78722
the eats: Pomodoro, Patrizi’s Red Sauce, Carbonara Alexandra, Meatballs 
the bucks: $12-$13, Meatball add on is $5
the full nelson: Italian comfort food truck in Austin is the Austin way

Back in 2019 I found myself seated at picnic table in the middle of a steamy Austin Summer, eating at the best Italian food truck in Austin while the cameras rolled for an episode of Best Thing I Ever Ate. Sadly the episode as of 2022 never aired(but they have a habit of popping up eventually) so I feel like the time is right to shine a spotlight on Patrizi’s in Austin TX.

Patrizi's sign

Crowd at Patrizi's

Drawing a crowd on a hot summer day

Austin might not the be the first city that comes to mind when someone says “Italian food” but in my travels there’s always the possibility of a hidden gem around the corner. Sometimes a long line on a hot summer day gives that gem away. Patrizi’s is spitting distance from my abode. In fact I walk passed it almost everyday when I walk my dog, which is another reason I’m down for it: this is my neighborhood Italian joint. And not surprising that in Austin, that means it’s a food truck/trailer.

Patrizi's Pomodoro 1

The move: pick a pasta and get a meatball

So here’s the nitty gritty: all the noods/pasta are the same and you just gotta pick the sauce. When I bring the family that means we get three pastas and mix up the sauce order. I love the carbonara, it’s an eggy version but Patrizi’s take on the Roman pasta classic hits the bacon beats hard with a cured and smoked pancetta. Still, I can’t resist a good meatball. Whether in sandwich form or on a bed of noodles, splashing in red sauce, I’m gonna order one up.

Patrizi's Pomodoro 2

A tale of two reds

I ordered up the Carbonara which is a red sauce that lands on the sweeter side. There’s also Patrizi’s red sauce which packs a little more bite plus has savory tones thanks to pork trimmings and Grana Padano(think Parmesan). Sounds awesome right? Well when you get the Pomodoro, it hits a little softer thanks to a kinder and gentler garlic confit plus the addition of butter. And that scoop of white in the pic above? It is a farmhouse cheese that works like Ricotta. It all adds up to a slightly sweeter and creamier red and when you bring in a monster meatball? It’s pretty much the Best Thing I Ever Ate, even if it didn’t make the airwaves.


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