Best Food in Austin March 2024 recap

April 18, 2024

Best Food in Austin Texas March 2024

The best food in Austin Texas: March 2024

My round up of my fav bites in town adds to the growing list of the best food in Austin Texas. It is a new month which means new restaurants I’ve tried this spring. And here they are in ascending order:

Best Food in Austin: Redbud Icehouse

#4 best food in Austin March’24:

Redbud Icehouse

The Vitals:
the spot: Redbud Icehouse 2027 Anchor Ln, Austin, TX 78723
the eats: burger, pork chop sandwich
the bucks: $12-$15
the full nelson: a $12 chef driven smashed burger elevated just enough to keep you coming back for another 

Redbud Icehouse is a new concept from a popular restaurant group in Austin that has drawn acclaim for chef driven elevated southern food. That is PR talk for biscuits you can’t seem to get enough of, whether it be at their fine dining location at Olamaie or there chill neighborhood biscuit shop, Little Ola’s.

But you aren’t here for biscuits, you are here for a four ounce local Wagyu Smashed Burger. The beef is from Ranger cattle and it’s quite tasty, but I was even more impressed with the custom poppy seed bun made by local bakery Texas French Bread and the very thin sliced shrettuce aka shredded lettuce bathed in a tangy mayo dressing. A single at $12 is respectable for most appetites but I will be going back for a double at $15.

Best Bites in Austin Texas: Norte

#3 best food in Austin March’24:

Norte ATX

The Vitals:
the spot: Norte ATX 730 Shady Ln, Austin, TX 78702
the eats: all the tacos and tostads
the bucks: $10-$15 a person
the full nelson: craft tacos at a craft beer brewery

A menu that sites Ribeye as their bar for steak tacos should speak volumes. It’s also hallmark of the taquero culture at Norte ATX: my #3 pick for the best food in Austin March 2024. Hailing from Monterrey Mexico, weekend Carne Asadas meant an all day grilling session Ribeye steak tacos.

I also like where Norte parks its truck: a damn good brewery: Hi Sign. Over the years breweries have stepped up their food game, particularly tacos. Craft IPA’s and Ribeye steak tacos make for a winning combo and a sign that maybe we should all step up our steak taco game at home with premium cuts like Ribeye.

Best Food In Austin: El Paso Flauta

#2 best food in Austin March’24:

El Paso Flauta

The Vitals:
the spot: El Paso Flauta 7701 Colton-Bluff Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78744
the eats: all the flautas
the bucks: $15 a person
the full nelson: El Paso TexMex in Austin

El Paso Flautas was the first time I’d ever tried flautas, but it actually wasn’t. Also known as taquitos, these fried tacos which are rolled but sometimes folded, per Texas Monthly Taco editor Jose Ralát, have probably come across your culinary trails. Although if your experience has been like mine, in far less impressive renditions. Real Talk: we used to get frozen taquitos and down ’em after a long night of drinking during college, and sadly for a stretch after.

El Paso Flautas takes its cue from El Paso TX where flautas are cherished. In honor of Sun City, El Paso Flautas in Austin takes their Flautas just as seriously. Get ’em two ways: stuffed with brisket and drizzled with crema, salsa and guacamole or the ground beef ones that get drowned in salsa and topped with shredded cheese. I became instantly hooked on flautas and I think you will too.

Best food in Austin: El Paso Flauta

#1 best food in Austin March’24:

Burnt Bean Co.

The Vitals:
the spot: Burnt Bean Co 108 S Austin St, Seguin, TX 78155
the eats: athe burger only available on Thurs and Fri + all the BBQ
the bucks: $$
the full nelson: One of the most exceptional Barbecue restaurants in Texas makes one mean burger

Yes, my number one pick for Best Food in Austin March 2024 technically isn’t in Austin, but hear me out. It took a year and a half for this James Beard nominated chef to come up with the Oklahoma style burger at Burnt Bean Co in Seguin and sure it tastes like it. The custom ground brisket trim, secret spice blend and the sauce inspired by Raising Cane’s hit all the right notes but the burger is almost a sleeper.

Served only on Thursdays and Fridays, it often gets overlooked for Chef Ernest Servantes’ competition winning brisket or his epic Sunday Brunch. I guess what I’m saying is you are gonna have to do what I did and eat two meals here: burger for appetizer and BBQ for main course. It’s a tough life I live but I think you are up to it and the road trip from Austin to Seguin.

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