Yummi Tacos & More: a Bulgogi Burger in Austin

June 10, 2024

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The Vitals:
the spot: Yummi Tacos & More 12518 Research Blvd, Austin, TX 78759
the eats: “The Sunny Side Burger” – A bulgogi burger with marinated beef, cheese, spicy mayo and a fried egg
the bucks: $9.50 with fries and drink
the full nelson: a classic Cheap Eats find in 2024!

A good bulgogi burger in Austin is hard to find. I never went but people did sing the praises of Burger Tex(RIP) and Chilantro is known to add one to the menu every now and again. Well there is a Bulgogi Burger in Austin served all the time, at Yummi Tacos and More in North Austin.

Yummi Taco and More sign

Strip Mall Chic

Back in the day when I was writing my Bang for your Burger Buck series for LA TACO, I found more than a few great burgers at strip malls. So when I pulled up to Yummi Tacos and More in north Austin, I got all the feels.

Yummi Taco and More serving up a Bulgogi Burger in Austin

Bulgogi Burger in Austin with breakfast vibes

Contrary to the laundry list of ingredients in the Sunny Side Bulgogi Burger, finishing off this burger is a more than approachable feat. The burger holds up well, even with the addition of the fried egg. I was surprised at how balanced the burger is.

The biggest kicker of this Bulgogi Burger in Austin is the freaking price tag. $9.50 for the burger, fries and drink. That’s back in the day Cheap Eats prices folks. Time to bookmark Yummi Tacos and More for what is likely the most affordable Bulgogi Burger in Austin.




Trying this burger out felt like I WENT BACK IN TIME. Like when CHEAP EATS was a thing. Of course the homie @wereallyloveaustincoffee took me here. I’ve got a post on this brewing over at alikhaneats.com to tell ya all about it. For now recognize that this this bulgogi burger in Austin comes with fries and a drink for $9.50. Yup. Like I said, CHEAP EATS. #alikhaneats #bulgogiburger #bulgogi #koreanfood #burger #burgersofinstagram #cheapeats #itkhanbedone #cookingchannel #foodnetwork #bangforyourburgerbuck #austin #texas

♬ original sound – Ali Khan

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  1. […] a lot more I can say about this Korean BBQ fusion cheeseburger that I haven’t said already in my last post. I mean it’s a solid meaty and unique burger that comes with fries and a bev for under $10. […]

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