Everson Royce Bar ~ Los Angeles

August 3, 2019

The Vitals:
the spot: Everson Royce Bar 1936 E. 7th St. LA CA 90021
the eats: Single Burger
the bucks: $10
the full nelson: a delectably simple statement on a burger that much like LA will take all your money and leave you wanting more

And this is the moment when Bang for your Burger Buck jumps the shark.

Everson Royce Bar has the patio many LA visitors covet: Beautiful people served Al Fresco with enough food and drink to keep them occupied till your evening transforms to a night to remember or an infamous “how I got to bed” story. A well appointed bar and drinks menu deserves better food than just a taco truck parked out front and that’s where Everson Royce Bar becomes the perfect meet up spot for a group: communal picnic table patio seating serving up just enough dinner with an emphasis on the party. It’s why I chose to go to Everson Royce Bar, plus the scene and this burger –

Do a little burger recon and you will see that the Everson Royce Bar Burger gets put into the best of LA lists from Eater, draws reviews from the LA Weekly, The Infatuation, The Daily Meal and others. All are unanimous in their praise of this understatement of burger making, which tends to happen when the chef won a James Beard Award and worked in some of the best kitchens in the city.

I think the draw oof all this praise lies in the overall simplicity and I can certainly get behind a burger that is essentially meat, cheese and bun. For the record the Everson Royce Bar burger is prime chuck, brioche bun and Tillamook cheddar plus a splash of Dijonnaise and a pickle on the side. It’s not huge, in fact it’s not even a full meal but it really does keep you back for wanting more.

Though the burger is on the small side, it is as well proportioned as burgers get. In fact the ratio of beef to bun to topping is exactly why this burger is just so damn tasty and well received. Deceptively simple in design, it’s the use of excellent ingredients in a familiar burger design that draw in all the accolades for the Everson Royce Bar Burger. I found it to be instantly delicious and gratifying and would have ordered a second upon my last bite. But this burger costs $10.

Bang for your Burger Buck, the Everson Royce Bar burger is not, however I would still hit this place up in a heartbeat for the full Everson Royce Bar package: the perfect LA patio for a Sunday Funday with great drinks and very tasty food to get your Hollywood night going . . . even in the middle of downtown LA. Yes, I am recommending a $10 burger that one could eat three of, at least on a solid Sunday Funday. But that is more a reflection of how tasty the burger is rather than a lack of value. Yeah, it looks like Bang for your Burger Buck just jumped the Shark.

Look, you’re in LA amongst a sea of pretty faces, catching a buzz amongst the buzz worthy. And that carries a price that even a guy looking for some Bang for your Burger Buck will just have to deal with.

For the record, I had a pretty mellow evening post Everson Royce Bar. At least, that’s the story I’m sticking to . . .



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