One from the Vault: Burger Plaza Grill – Los Angeles, CA

November 6, 2013

Burger Plaza Grill is just that perfect combination of randomness, an overall lack of promise and the plain truth of affordable price that makes it a classic case of Bang for your Burger Buck. These guys are about as interested in staking their claim in the burger world as I am in counting the calories they just so happen to provide on their menu. But know this: my jaw dropped when I saw the size of the patty that was placed on the griddle. It was a big bright red pancake of raw ground beef that indicated a surprising degree of freshness. Definitely a burger spot to remember when you are around the USC/South Los Angeles area . . .

Bang for your Burger Buck ~ Burger Plaza Grill

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  1. […] with a fair amount of charred chuck just spilling over. We have seen this effect before over at the Burger Plaza Grill, and the ratio works everytime. If ever the lady from Wendy's needed answer to query of "Where's […]

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