One from the Vault: LA Buns – Downey, CA

March 11, 2013

LA Buns just may be my favorite place I have covered at Bang for your Burger Buck. Being nestled in the South Los Angeles neighborhood of Downey, they are off most people’s radar. They also toss my Bang strategy out the window, by forcing me to add on what would be costly add ons like cheddar, bacon and onion rings but are not costly because they charge .70 friggin cents for all three. And they season the hell out of their patties. Whenever I think of LA Buns, it makes me want to hop into a DeLorean, stop myself from what ever lunch plans I had and make tracks there. Oh, and they have a chicken sandwich that almost flipped the whole damn script on what we are searching for at Bang for your Burger Buck. Call it a Chik Fil A conspiracy or the fact that the folks at LA Buns offer a lotta Bang, you will come out of there a winner.

Read the original story here: LA Buns @ LA Taco

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