One from the Vault: Levon’s Quality Foods Truck – East Hollywood, CA

March 26, 2013

It is a good thing that the meteoric rise of “concept” food trucks didn’t hinder the continuance of “classic food trucks”. Whether you call it a “roach coach”, “truck” or that “guy on the corner of blank and blank”, these traveling commissaries are critical to the day to day function of our city and the sight of them, such as Levon’s Quality Foods Truck, is a welcomed one indeed. A line filled with hungry construction workers, a drifting lab tech on his smoke break from the MRI department at Kaiser or my personal favorite, a Doctor in scrubs who most likely advised a patient not to eat the plate of chili fries he is about to order is cosmopolitan Los Angeles to a “T”. But enough of the scenery, let’s talk about a double bacon cheeseburger with avocado on sourdough, with fries, for $6 bucks . . .

Read the original story here: Levon’s Quality Foods Truck at Kaiser Sunset

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