One from the Vault: Marty’s on Pico – West Los Angeles, CA

July 23, 2013

Los Angeles is giant sprawling metropolis, choked with traffic, covered in smog and studded with neighborhood eateries you feel blessed to have in your hood. Marty’s on Pico is such a gem and this gem sits snuggly on busy Pico blvd in West Los Angeles. If you lived in Los Feliz, you could call Marty’s the Yuca’s of the westside. Or Al and Bea’s West if you hang your hat in Boyle Heights. Whatever your geographic position, know that Marty’s brings the A game in the category of $5 and under burgers and unlike Yuca’s and Al Bea’s, you can wash your burger down with a Vienna beef frank . . . yup hot dogs for dessert. Hello West Los Angeles . . .

Read the original story here: Marty’s on Pico @ LA TACO

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