One from the Vault: The Park Restaurant – Echo Park, CA

September 25, 2013

Years ago a dear friend explained that burgers fall into one of two camps: “restaurant burgers” and “everything else. This was a time when chefs weren’t tweaking burgers of convenience like what Andre Guerrero does at the Oinkster or when gastropubs miraculously brought beef back onto our dinner plates during the recession of 2008 with the advent of the $10 and up burger. The Park is very much a “restaurant burger” since it is served at a restaurant that also happens serves many other things like curried cauliflower and duck confit. It also slings these solid bovine sandwiches for $5 bucks on Wednesday nights. Needless to say Bang needed to check out the action . . . 

Read the original story here: The Park Restaurant of Echo Park @ LA Taco

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