One from the Vault: Woody’s Burgers – Palm Springs, CA

March 20, 2013

An “Old Style” hamburger charms you with it’s simplicity. More than likely you are sitting in an old school diner or dedicated burger shack, where the food tastes homemade. Beyond the requisite loose grind, most likely done in house or to order from a meat purveyor; a decent bun, fresh toppings and some love on the griddle all ad up to “sublime burger simplicity“. In Los Angeles, examples can be found at celebrated burger institutions like The Apple Pan and Pie N Burger, whose legions of fans have brought forth decades of success and with that success, escalating prices. Enter Woody’s, not in LA but, in affordable Palm Springs. Not exactly old school diner thanks to some key dive bar elements(beers run you around $3), and priced like a Bang for your Burger Buck spot should be: $5.50 for all the essentials.

Read the original story here: Woody’s Burgers @ LA TACO

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