One from the Vault: Yuca’s – Los Feliz, CA

July 3, 2013

The path we take to Bang for your Burger Buck can be strange one. My visit to Yuca’s focused on a burger type I never get, as I find chili on top of a cheeseburger wholly unwarranted, and yet here I was, eating a double chili cheeseburger, because, at a mere $5, it is a value one should not pass up. Further, when you think about how most burger stands simply can’t put in the time and effort to make their chili a real draw, a Mexican eatery actually might nail it. And as much as I can tell you that the double cheeseburger is so Bang for your Burger Buck, it’s the single burger for $2.75 that keeps me up at night . . .

Read the original story here: Yuca’s @ LA TACO

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