Peace Bakery & Deli ~ Austin TX

June 1, 2020

Peace Bakery Montage

The Vitals:
the spot: Peace Bakery & Deli 11220 N. Lamar Blvd Austin TX 78753
the eats: Shawarma plate, falafel plate, hummus, tabouli 
the bucks: $7-$14
the full nelson: Middle Eastern eats on par with the best I have had in the Dearborn/Detroit area. Basically as good as it gets w/o needing a passport

It has been way too long since I’ve posted about a restaurant mostly because of Covid-19 and the fact that Bang for your Burger Buck has evolved into a catch all for recipes and all sorts of food adventures. My last post was for Eid and the hummus recipe I shared there got me thinking about the best Middle Eastern food I have had in Austin. Time to take a bite into Peace Bakery.

Peace Bakery sign

Peace Bakery interior

Situated in the north side of Austin, Peace Bakery ain’t for tourists unless they are gung-ho about legit Middle Eastern eats. Prices are damn reasonable and in non Corona times, you would definitely want to park it in the dining room. Especially for their fried to order falafels.

Peace Bakery falafels

Fried. To. Order. That’s the Middle Eastern joint equivalent of a barbecue joint saying they smoke meats on offset stick smokers. I’ll say this now and keep saying it: everything I ate at Peace Bakery was as good as Middle Eastern joints I visited in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn which happens to boast the largest Arab American population in the country.

I got the shawarma combo plate with two sides: coriander potatoes which were highly recommended and the fattoush salad. I really can’t ever say no to shawarma and this was a rare instance where the beef and chicken were evenly juicy and flavorful. The toum, a garlic spread seen in between the chicken and beef was like a spreadable garlic butter. Even though beef tends to be my fav because its more decadent, Peace Bakery does a phenomenal job with their chicken.

And they slice the shawarma well. Thin shavings that are caramelized with seasoning but the meat ain’t dry. It kills me that I can’t eat my laptop screen right now.

The beef is well marbled and it looks like it get hits with a touch of tahini sauce. You can’t go wrong here either. Peace Bakery really brings it with their vertical rotisserie game.

I’m damn proud of my hummus recipe I shared last week but Peace Bakery makes the case that their heavenly hummus makes washing your food processor a needless act.

Ditto with the tabouli as well. The key to making tabouli is that the produce must be remarkably fresh. Easy to make and easy to cut corners, I find this is a dish that places tend to gloss over. Peace Bakery crosses t’s and dots i’s with this dish.

For $11 bucks you get a damn solid meal at Peace Bakery. They got specials to boot like whole lamb roasted with rice, roast chicken and loads of side options as well. There are times where I think Austin’s food scene is just not as diverse as other cities and then I come across a gem like Peace Bakery. This place is tasty cheap and gets the #notfortourists stamp. If you’re about quality shawarma and hummus in the ATX, look no further.


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