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June 6, 2024

Pogi ATX montage

The Vitals:
the spot: Pogi ATX 1700 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702
the eats: Sisig Tacos
the bucks: $14 for two
the full nelson: Chef Driven Filipino food truck where tacos are just the tip of the iceberg 

The next time I go to Pogi ATX I won’t be getting the Sisig Tacos. Sure, within hours of finding out the tangy and spicy pork belly dish was served in taco form I was eating there. But that’s before I took in the whole menu.

Smashburgers, Hot Chicken sandwiches and Lumpia(the Philippines answer to the egg roll) all tempt my appetite. And the options only expand if I bring a friend or two and crush the whole menu. The prices and portions are just reasonable enough to warrant that kind of ambitious excess.

Pogi ATX menu

This food truck is all about Filipino comfort food

Which isn’t to say chefs Gino Vidal and Jerry Moreno aren’t exactly that: chefs. Hailing from the San Antonio food scene with nearly two decades of experience under their belt, the food they serve at Pogi ATX speaks to Filipino food culture, San Antonio food culture and a well thought out experience for the palate.¬†

Pogi ATX Sisig Tacos

Sisig Tacos

Anthony Bourdain once said Sisig is the Filipino dish that will win your heart. He was right. Thats what happened the first time I had it. The second thing that happened was I put it in a tortilla. So naturally I was fired up to try the Sisig tacos at Pogi ATX.

The toppings on this taco are just as important as the tangy and hearty pork belly that serves as the star of the dish. The Thai Chili Slaw adds a crunchy dimension. The pickled red onions bring in acidity. And the Serrano Crema smartly adds heat without doubling down on the sour from the pickled onions or the dressing in the slaw.

Pogi ATX food truck

High hopes on four wheels.

That’s how I feel about taking on the rest of the menu at Pogi ATX, especially the smashed burger(surprise!). Part of the charm of Pogi ATX is, like Sisig, it’s great food when you are drinking, which is why they are parked at a bar. But you know what? I ate these tacos stone cold sober and I’m hooked.

Pogi ATX has one of the most addictive new tacos in Austin. And the food truck is adding some much needed representation for Filipino food in Austin TX. This is an exciting find and should be part of your regular food truck rotation.

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