The Collins Quarter ~ Savannah GA

June 20, 2019

The Vitals:
the spot: The Collins Quarter 151 Bull Street Savannah GA 31404
the eats: Lamb Burger
the bucks: $15
the full nelson: a bougie take on an under appreciated  burger genre: the lamb burger

When most people think burgers they think beef burgers. Or veggie/Impossible burgers. For a while turkey burgers were the rage and when a place does a good tuna burger, yours truly takes notice. What does get lost in burger contemplation is the lamb burger. It’s not really considered a healthier alternative nor is it something for the veggie/vegan crowd. However if you’re from the land down under or a regular at the Melbourne inspired The Collins Quarter . . . lamb is where its at.

If you’ve not been to Savannah, you need to make the trip. I was down here for Cheap Eats in 2018 and Savannah reminded me a lot of Charleston, another city Cheap Eats visited, with its history and unique architecture. The Collins Quarter is a lovely cafe in a lovely corner of scenic Savannah, GA. One of those perfect lunch dates for stuffy in laws or a place to take your boss or a client. This means The Collins Quarter ain’t that cheap, in fact the $15 I dropped for my lamb burger, and that was one of the cheaper items on the menu. But I didn’t go hungry either, the lamb burger and fries is enough food to cover a medium sized butcher block.

Seasoned with a Middle Eastern spice rub and hit with an Aleppo pepper relish which shares a flavor profile with Ancho chiles, this lamb burger comes with some bite. This is a thick patty that can easily accommodate a requested medium rare temp. The burger is smartly ordained with shredded bib lettuce, a thin slice of tomato, a little red onion, whipped feta and feta cheese crumbles. Feta and ground lamb are fabulous together, the tartness of the cheese pairs so well with lamb’s distinct gaminess.

The burger comes on ciabatta but I opted for a brioche bun. As overused as that bun is, I’m a sucker for brioche. They aren’t stingy with the fries either but I could take or leave ’em. I’m in it for this big, thick, well seasoned and well dressed lamb burger.

$15 for a burger is not the definition of Bang for your Burger Buck but it is the going rate for a bougie burger experience, which the Lamb burger at The Collins Quarter certainly is. It’s also a somewhat unique burger experience in an under represented genre: the lamb burger genre. For that alone, I give the Collins Quarters a few extra points in my book for delivering a compelling burger experience for the lamb lover.

If you find yourself in Savannah and looking to feast beyond Cheap Eats, and are craving a little lamb, make you’re way over, or should I say down under, to the Collins Quarter, get that lamb burger.

And have yourself a g’day mate.


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