Top 3 Quarantine Cooking Hacks

July 29, 2020

Top 3 Quarantine Cooking Hacks

Let’s face it, we have been cooking a lot. So much so, that coming up with my Top 3 Quarantine Cooking Hacks was pretty much a no brainer. These are a few of many, but certainly reflect on some of my fav hacks for recipes that have become weekly staples at Casa Khan.

So in no particular order, let’s get into it . . .

The Cooking Hack: freezing ginger

Top 3 Quarantine Cooking Hacks freezing ginger

chicken teriryaki skewers

At my house we go through garlic like there is no tomorrow. Ginger, however tends to linger. Unfortunately it doesn’t take long for it to go bad in the fridge. My solution is to freeze whatever you might have leftover. That leftover ginger plus some garlic, soy sauce, sugar and rice vinegar can make for some excellent chicken teriyaki skewers.

The Cooking Hack: Instant Pot aka the curry making machine

Top 3 Quarantine Cooking Hacks Instant Pot

Top 3 Quarantine Cooking Hacks Indian food

It’s no secret that people love the Instant Pot but not everyone knows that the Instant Pot loves to cook Indian Food. The nature of pressure cooking goes hand in hand with making curries, keeping chicken breast juicy and turning dal into an easy weeknight meal. I seriously debated making my Top 3 Quarantine Cooking hacks just curry recipes for the Instant Pot. But for that, Instant Pot is gonna have to show me the money.

Top 3 Quarantine Cooking hacks saving pickle juice

Top 3 Quarantine Cooking Hacks save your pickle juice for pickle making sliders

The Cooking Hack: Save your pickle juice for . . . making more pickles.

In the past I have advocated for saving pickle juice for brines, marinades, and a quick sub for vinegar in salad dressings. Then it dawned on me: save that pickle juice for . . . making more pickles. Well, cards on the table it dawned on my wife who started a garden during Quarantine(does it get more Covid-19 than that?) and it was only a matter of time before we(she) started to make pickles.

It goes without saying that homemade pickles will up your burger game. One thing that we discovered recently is that you cannot keep the pickle juice indefinitely. After about 2 runs, it’s time to toss that juice out.

Those are my hacks but what are yours? Share yours in the comments below and certainly tweet this post to your friends!

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