Brisket Pho: a leftovers recipe hack

May 17, 2020


Brisket Pho: the greatest leftover recipe hack ever

It doesn’t get any simpler. Boiling water. Leftover brisket. Instant Pho. And it is so incredibly delicious. To my peeps in San Antonio, you might have caught the episode of me making this Brisket Pho on the show Texas Eats with David Elder. And if you didn’t, not to worry, this is as easy as it gets.


  • 1 slice of leftover smoked beef brisket
  • Bowl of Instant Pho
  • boiling water

essential equipment

  • a pot or tea kettle to boil water

Brisket Pho ingredients

Like the box says, this is a 3 minute meal. We picked up the box of Snapdragon Instant Pho at Costco mainly for my kid. Asian foods like dumplings and ramen are his favs . . more so than my steak(Im dealing) He never had Pho and we rolled the dice on this. He loved it and it turns out I love it just as much.

Plate of Micklethwait BBQ

Especially with some leftover brisket. This was the same spread from Micklethwait Craft Meats in Austin TX that spawned my last leftover recipe hack. The gift of meat sweats keep on giving. Or in this case, full on creating a new food genre: Brisket Pho.

I like to heat up my brisket in slightly warm cast iron skillet. Then I’ll wrap it in the butcher paper it came in and sweat it out in the oven at around 250 till its fork tender. Since this was going into a soup I let that brisket brown up something fierce.

As tempting as it might be to grab a flour tortilla and turn this into a taco, we have a bigger goal: Brisket Pho with real deal Central Texas smoked brisket. That sounds like a campaign slogan. Or at least it should be.

Making the Instant Pho is pretty darn simple. Remove the rice noodles from the packaging along with all the seasoning packets. No, I don’t what exactly is in there but it friggin’ works. It tastes damn good on its own but there is always room for improvement.

Add hot water and let it steep for three minutes with the lid it came with placed on top. Now it’s time for the Brisket Pho plunge.

Brisket Pho adding brisket

I like to make sure the brisket really flavors the broth so push it down into the soup before putting the lid back on and letting sit for another minute or two. After all it’s not just brisket with Pho . . . its Brisket Pho.

Brisket Pho

And there you have it my friends: Brisket Pho. Instant fusion. Central Texas BBQ meets Southeast Asian soup icon. And it could not be easier to make. The greatest recipe hack ever my friends.

At least for now.



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