Curtido: Salsa’s Best Friend

April 26, 2021

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Salsa’s Best Friend (and taco’s too)

Curtido is a taco condiment staple, especially in the Yucatan where it is featured on Cochinita Pibil, Mexico’s answer to low and slow pulled pork. I like it on many tacos, especially the meaty ones likes Carnitas or Campechano(steak and chorizo).

And making it could not be more simple.

curtido ingredients

Embrace the heat

I like to riff on the acid(not a college reference), but this is more or less what you will always need:

  • habanero
  • red onion
  • lime
  • white vinegar
  • salt to taste.

Remove the stems and seeds from the habanero and slice thin along with the red onion. I eyeball the lime juice and vinegar, but you will want just enough liquid to cover the onion and habanero. A pinch of salt and some time and you’re good to go.

*take caution when handling the habaneros. Wear gloves and/or wash hands thoroughly after handling. You don’t want to get this stuff on you eye!!

curtido signed

Give it an hour

I like to let this sit for at least an hour or even better, overnight in the fridge. This is definitely spicy but the longer it sits, the more the heat dissipates. Once you try this on tacos like carnitas . . . you can’t imagine life without curtido.

A little dab will do ya

Curtido plus a bright green salsa brings a bright citrus heat that really compliments rich carnitas or meaty steak and chorizo tacos. I even like it on Al Pastor, like this recipe hack I shared last week.

Try it out for your next Taco Tuesday, it is a total game changer.

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