DeSano Pizza ~ Austin TX

September 10, 2020
DeSano Pizza Montage

The Vitals:
the spot: DeSano Pizza tested in Austin TX + locations in Nashville, Los Angeles and Charelston SC
the eats: Neapolitan Pizza
the bucks: small pies for $12, large pies for $21, plan on $15 person
the full nelson: Real Deal Neapolitan pizza that can satisfy the non pizza elites

There are two kinds of pizzas in this world. One is the kind you crave at 2am, ideally by the slice at a place like Joe’s Pizza in NYC. The other kind of pizza is the one you might have had to make reservations for, perhaps a week or six in advance. DeSano Pizza tastes like the latter though far more accessible and kinda satisfies that 2am vibe as well.

DeSano Pizza two pizzas

What you are looking at is two DeSano Pizza grande pies. 32 inches of certified Neapolitan pizza. What does all this mean exactly? A lot of things to some serious pizza people from Italy where the style originates from. For you, it means wood fired pizza. It also means you should always order one of these:

DeSano Pizza Margherita

Margherita Classica VPN

The simplicity of a pizza essentially topped only with cheese and sauce speaks volumes to how good the main ingredients must be. Add to that basil, a Margherita prerequisite, and a pizza maker is saying that their basic ingredients are indeed good enough to deliver a complete pizza experience. Forget your meat lover’s pies that seduce you into thinking bacon makes pizza great. Pizza makes pizza great and pizza at it’s fundamental core is good cheese, addictive sauce and a crust you can’t out down.

DeSano Diavola Pizza

But you still want that Pepperoni

All of this is not to say that DeSano Pizza can’t pull off a pepperoni pie. Above is a Margherita pizza with garlic and Scamorza cheese plus some pepperoni. Same San Marzano tomatoes in play and if you have a good eye you might notice the basil is missing. That can be blamed on a certain 8 year old who bears my last name. Basil notwithstanding, this is pie is just as dynamic in flavor as the classic Margherita. And that familiar salty rush of pepperoni qualifies this pizza as prime 2am eating.

Two great pies, done the Neapolitan way and they are crowd pleasers that can unite the pizza elitists and the blue collar proletariat. You might run up a $50 tab for this pie, but you’ll guard the leftovers like they cost even more.

DeSano is just that good.

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  1. Marina says:

    I just love pizza and everything related to it. It’s very tasty here. I advise everyone

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