El Milagrito ~ San Antonio TX

September 8, 2022

El Milagrito montage

The Vitals:
the spot: El Milagrito 521 E. Woodlawn Ave San Antonio TX 78202
the eats: Breakfast Tacos
the bucks: $2 a taco(breakfast)
the full nelson: A Cheap Eats titan- stupid good value

El Milagrito is the kind of Cheap Eats destination that makes me wish the show was still running, It is just nothing short of a ridiculously good value. A big part of that has to do with the reality that San Antonio is a Texas taco destination. Thanks to some insight delivered to me by Texas Monthly Taco Editor José Ralat, I learned that San Antonio is the capital of puffy tacos, pork chop tacos and breakfast tacos. And the prices here are rock bottom compared to Austin.

In a future post I will dive into Puffy Tacos and Pork Chop tacos, but for now let’s just take in this beauty in for around $2:

El Milagrito breakfast taco 2

The almighty BEC

Bacon, egg and cheese in a warm, fresh made flour tortilla that could be considered the size of a mini burrito. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas, but the tacos at El Milagrito are generous and that is being conservative. The absolute shocker was that this taco was just north of $2 and one was a respectable light meal. I was on my way to shoot an episode of a new BBQ show for Thrillist and was just in need of lil something-something so I held the play at one. I was perfectly satisfied.

El Milagrito breakfast taco 1

Reach for the green salsa

At least when it comes to anything with eggs. The creamy green jalapeño salsa was made for morning meals. The other salsa, which most likely featured Habanero chile peppers was a touch too piquant for a breakfast taco. I would save that for their well regarded barbacoa at lunch.

Ali Khan at El Milagrito

Is that Aarón Sánchez?

I totally asked the guy if he gets asked that. I mean, I think he is a ringer for at least a cousin. Short in the tattoo department but I think the resemblance is there. My guy was cool as can be, despite my inquiries that he resemble the MasterChef co-host.

El Milagrito front

Cheap Eats certified

This place changed how I viewed the breakfast taco scene in San Antonio and frankly the hype/overpriced reality of Austin in general. El Milagrito in San Antonio is the truth. Recommended by chefs(thx Curry Boys!), frequented by La Gente and all the looks and feels of a Cheap Eats certified joint, walk through these doors with confidence by fellow Cheap Eaters.

El Milagrito sign

50 years in business

And for good reason, El Milagrito in SATX(San Antonio for those not in the know) is a must visit for breakfast tacos. Close to downtown/Riverwalk , it’s an easy drive if you happen to be in town visiting/working like I was. Here me now: make this stop in the St Mary’s Strip in San Antonio; your stomach and wallet will thank you. Possibly at the same time.

And maybe get two tacos. You will be able to afford it.

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