One from the Vault: the In N Out edition

August 26, 2013

In N Out maybe the single reason why I will always try a random burger shack: to disprove the hype that surrounds this iconic burger stand. Over time I would come to realize that the faults I had with In N Out was not with me, them or the stars but in relying on their standard menu.

This post was as much an exploration into the wonder that is the “Secret Menu” at In N Out as it was an acknowledgement that, even with doubling the beef and adding more mods that the 90s Civic that did extra work on the Original Fast and the Furious, In N Out has some damn serious Bang for your Burger Buck.

Read the original post here: the In-N-Out edition @ LA TACO

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4 responses to “One from the Vault: the In N Out edition”

  1. […] for your Burger Buck. Mighty Fine Burgers is just one of a growing list that includes P.Terry's, In-N-Out, Shake Shack, Fatburger, and Smashburger. Does that also mean that the Bang for your Burger Buck […]

  2. […] less of that fibrous stem and thick slices of tomato and onion always work in book, and apparently In-N-Out's as well. And yes, even the cheddar spread I could easily do without only adds fuel to this glorious […]

  3. […] sometimes falls in the shadows of some formidable burger competition like the ever affordable In N Out, or the top shelf concept burger empire, Umami. It's never easy being the middle child I guess, […]

  4. […] I go for. As is the case with Shake Shack, Freddy's pink sauce falls flat when compared to In-N-Out. This time I opted for the Freddy's classic: mustard, onion, cheese and pickle. It is indeed a […]

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