One Taco Taqueria ~ Austin TX

June 10, 2020

One Taco Taqueria montage

The Vitals:
the spot: One Taco Taqueria multiple locations in Austin TX
the eats: Al Pastor Gringa, Taquiza de Asada, you will want to work your way through the menu
the bucks: $3- $3.50 a taco. (plan on 3)
the full nelson: late night street tacos served in the middle of the day and “Karen” friendly ambiance

We live in a world of Karens. And even if we call them out, they aren’t going to go anywhere. We can help become better people and a good start is getting them to enjoy street tacos. And I have the perfect gateway taqueria for the Karen in your life: One Taco Taqueria in Austin TX.

One Taco Taqueria sign

“It’s so colorful in here” your Karen might remark. Well yes, One Taco Taqueria does bring it hard with the branding. That plus multiple locations might have your Karen saying “it’s like Chipotle isn’t it?” And that’s when you direct your Karen to this:

A veritable shrine to boxing legend Julio César Chavez, who in his prime was considered the pound for pound best boxer in the world. Julio hails from Mexico as do One Taco Taqueria’s owners: Tony Avila and Axel Beverido. These gents wanted to bring an authentic taste of home to Austin in a format that had broad appeal, hence why Karen came along. But don’t think they water down the food at One Taco Taqueria. Oh no, even the Gringa taco will have you rolling your “r’s”

One Taco Taqueria gringa taco

Properly sliced Al Pastor cooked on the trompo(vertical spit) gets a coat of ooey gooey cheese plus pineapple, onion and cilantro. Yeah, it’s a flour tortilla but they play nicely together. While not as thick and airy as some flour tortillas, I don’t mind going harina at One Taco Taqueria. But corn is frankly better.

One Taco Taqueria Al Pastor taco

Simple taco here but boy can you tell the Al Pastor has come off the vertical rotisserie and is sliced so well. And if your Karen isn’t one for swine, the beef is just as fine.

One Taco Taqueria Taquiza de Asada

The Taquiza de Asada comes with 5 proper street taco sliders for $7.40. Not a bad deal at all.  You could rock this and call it a Bang for your Taco Buck day.

As great as it is to know that One Taco Taqueria is Karen friendly it is also kid friendly and I brought mine with me when they had their big grand opening a few months back before Covid-19 hit. If you’re in Austin and want a place that is convenient, Guy Fieri approved(yup was on DDD) and serves beer and late night style tacos . . . look no further than One Taco Taqueria. This joint is Ali Khan Eats and Bang for your TACO Buck approved.


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