Sidney’s Coffee & Eats ~ Strathmere, New Jersey

August 8, 2022

Sidney’s Coffee & Eats montage

The Vitals:
the spot: Sidney’s Coffee & Eats 705 Commonwealth Ave, Strathmere NJ 08248
the eats: Avocado toast w/ egg and bacon
the bucks: $11.50 
the full nelson: Trendy coffee shop fare comes to the South Jersey shore and I’m all for it

My visit to Sydney’s Coffee & Eats turned out to be well timed. These days I count my calories a bit, enjoying a midlife health revival. Over the course of this year, I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds and my cholesterol levels have hit all time highs and lows in all the right places. I won’t sit here and prescribe some miracle diet though, just share how some meals I enjoy strive for balance.

Sidney’s Coffee & Eats menu

Not your Dad’s Jersey Shore breakfast & lunch joint

Apologies for posting the lunch menu instead of the breakfast menu but a quick scan will prove that Sydney’s Coffee & Eats is indeed offering Jersey Shore diners a more contemporary balanced fare. Amongst the hot dog and soft serve ice cream spots, sandwiches like the Fairmount are welcomed find. Multigrain bread, sprouts and avocado that also get a double protein hit with turkey and bacon are the meals that are gonna fuel me up for full days at the beach. The added addition of the bacon makes me feel more confident in a fullness that allows me to skip the chips.

Sidney’s Coffee & Eats Avocado toast 1

An California staple on the Jersey Shore

I lived in LA when Avocado toasts became the talk of the town. I was a bit skeptical on the idea of paying $15 for guacamole on bread until I started to make them at home. Add an egg and some salsa and you have a fantastic hearty breakfast and that can become well balanced with the inclusion of a slice of hearty whole grain bread. At Sydney’s Coffee & Eats, you can get that plus some bacon for under $12 bucks, well under that $15 mark. Take that Hollywood.
Sidney’s Coffee & Eats Avocado toast 2

A well balanced bacon and egg breakfast

I make these a lot at home and I can tell you that one egg and two strips of bacon is all you need. Sure there are times when you gotta hit it hard at the diner but that’s when overkill and breakfast induced naps occur. There are even greens on here too and they season the toast with Everything Bagel Seasoning. That’s a tip I plan to bring to the Khan kitchen soon.

I have a few spots down in the Jersey Shore that have become traditions like Giovanni’s Delicatessen and Berardi Brothers for pizza. Sydney’s Coffee & Eats is a welcomed addition to that lineup and the best part is that it comes without the guilt of a cheat day. As I write this it’s still August so if you’re down in South Jersey and are looking for hip coffee fare food, I’d hit Sydney’s Coffee & Eats for breakfast or lunch.

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