Steak Recipe: The Reverse Sear Method

December 22, 2021

Reverse Sear Montage

So you bought a $100 steak

These things happen, especially the way prices are rising these days with food, let alone beef. You literally cannot afford to overcook this steak. So what do you do? Go for that OCD special: The Reverse Sear Method.

Reverse Sear thermometer set up

The set up: thermometer probe + cast iron skillet

I’m a fan of Thermoworks. I have been using their equipment for years and I’ll tell anybody they need a Thermapen in their life. Now what I have here is the Thermoworks Smoke. It is a remote probe thermometer that can monitor food and the ambient temp of your cooking vessel. While I swear by the Thermapen I have had the wire malfunction(screen read HHH) and had to be replaced. Luckily Thermoworks paid the tab, but still.

So back to the set up. Oven set at 250 and I jabbed my steak with the probe and let it cook till it hit 125 degrees. Also for what it’s worth, I let the steak sit at room temp for about an hour after I seasoned it with Kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper. Some people balk that the method doesn’t make that much of a difference but regardless it is part of my process.

Reverse Sear oven temp 1

Reverse Sear oven temp 2

Reverse Sear resting

I propped up the steak in the pan so it was resting bone side down. Once it hit the temp I pulled the steak and let it rest on a wire rack. As you can see, it got some good color. Then it was time for the sear.

Reverse Sear sear 1

Reverse Sear sear 2

I cranked up the heat on my pan and let it rip. I was going for looks here so I felt it out time wise. Once I thought my steak looked like it came from Smith & Wollensky, I pulled it.

Reverse Sear resting 2

Eat your heart out Morton’s

After the sear it was back to the wire rack for more rest. I always rest my steaks, at this point it has become second nature. The common thinking is that the juices redistribute as the steak cools. I just think flavors build with time.

Reverse Sear carved

No filter. Seriously.

Real talk: I love to hit my pics with some kind of filter/editing to make the food pop. For this post I wanted to show you exactly how the steak came out.

Straight up, I wish I pulled the steak sooner from the oven, so like at 120 degrees or maybe even 115 degrees. Why? Partly because I wanted it a but more rare(it raised in temp passed 135 after searing and resting). But mostly because this steak was super dry aged and it wasn’t as juicy as one I would get from even my premium local butcher.

I’m being nitpicky about the steak but rest assured, the meal still hit, thanks in no small part to this:

Reverse Sear sauce and wine

Hear me out . . .

Look I know it is criminal to hit a quality steak with steak sauce. And to be honest I shook my head when I found out my Peter Luger steak kit came with a couple bottles of their steak sauce. Then I tried it. It is freakishly delicious, similar to shrimp cocktail sauce and I challenge anyone to try it and then dismiss it. Oh and that wine? It’s a Gigondas, around $30 and was specially selected for this steak. I love this wine and prefer it to a Bordeaux at this price point.

But I’m not done yet.

Reverse sear plated

Dry Aged bone in rib steak, lobster tail, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach.

I went the extra mile with a little lobster and creamed spinach is a must because it is both side and sauce. I used Russets to make my mashed potatoes and my only regret was not packing in an obscene amount of butter. I tend to go for creamier Yukon Golds and Russets need even more buttery love.

As far as the Reverse Sear goes . . . I supposed you can do it for a very thick steak but at the end of the day I think sear and oven finish will work just as well. Reverse sear really does wonders with a roast. And if you happen to be doing a Prime Rib for Christmas, I’d try the reverse sear and my recipe is right here.

Happy steak cooking and holidays everybody!


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