Stiles Switch BBQ Remix: Steakhouse night

April 7, 2021

Ali Khan:Stiles Switch Steakhouse night montage

The Vitals:
the spot: your house! A zoom cooking class with Ali Khan and Stiles Switch BBQ
the eats: Central Texas style brisket with steakhouse sides
the bucks: contact through site for pricing
the full nelson: Dressing up Brisket with a classic steakhouse style dinner

The last year and a half has got me in the kitchen more than ever. Now I’m taking those skills plus my years of food tv, blogging and writing into your kitchen. I’ve teamed up with celebrated Austin BBQ restaurant, Stiles Switch BBQ to create a series of cooking classes where we remix classic Central Texas Smoked Meats.

Grab a martini and read all about my Central Texas Brisket dinner with Classic Steakhouse sides.

wedge salad

Wedge Salad

Whether it’s Porterhouse or a slice of USDA Prime Brisket, starting off a heavy meal with a salad never goes out of style. We keep it old school with this Wedge salad. Deceptively simple, I walk you through how to make a wedge salad and keep it nice and cool while you prepare your feast. Pro Tip: make it in advance and stick it in the fridge.

Horseradish Mashed Potatoes

For me, the parallels of brisket and prime rib are obvious. And what goes so well with both? Horseradish. So I spiked these mashed potatoes with horseradish and sour cream. These have a consistency closer to whipped potatoes; perfect for dragging bites of brisket through.

Creamed Spinach

My Steakhouse side dish must: Creamed Spinach. The Creamed Spinach basically acts like a sauce and a side dish. A perfect compliment to the peppery rub of the Stiles Switch brisket. The key to this version is using grated parmesan cheese for a quick thickener.

All together it’s a feast but the sides are more than manageable for any level of cook. The brisket is shipped cold and heats up per specific instructions while you whip up all the sides. This class takes place over zoom and takes about an hour. It’s fun and you will literally wind up with a plate that looks this good!

If you’re interested in this or other classes like our Taco night and more: contact Ali


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