The Pig Whole Hog BBQ ~ Chapel Hill N.C.

July 27, 2020

The Pig Whole Hog BBQ montage

The Vitals:
the spot: The Pig Whole Hog BBQ 630 Weaver Dairy Road Chapel Hill N.C. 27514
the eats: Pulled Pork, Pork Ribs, Pork Cheek, you get the idea 
the bucks: $10 a head if you’re doing meats by the pound
the full nelson: why folks from North Carolina love their bbq

The Pig Whole Hog BBQ is pretty much exactly that. A whole hog that has been rendered oh so tender with robust with flavor that can only come from whole hog cooking. And The Pig ain’t serving up your average swine either. Their pork is locally raised, hormone and antibiotic free. Plus you can get pulled pork sandwich for $6 bucks. My kinda spot.

The Pig Whole Hog BBQ open faced sandwich

A few weeks ago, an epic road trip across half the country presented me with the opportunity to catch up with some old friends living in Chapel Hill NC. Now Chapel Hill ain’t exactly Lexington when it comes to BBQ in North Carolina but all it takes is some slaw, pulled pork and a hamburger bun to leave a lasting impression on me. The Pig Whole BBQ checked that box.

The Pig Whole Hog BBQ sandwich

We ordered pulled pork by the pound and built our own sandwiches with slaw and hamburger buns. The buns weren’t exactly a revelation of bread making but they didn’t have to be either. The Pig Whole Hog BBQ also does a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce but it really wasn’t needed. All the kick I needed came from the vinegar in the slaw and the tang from the pulled pork.

The sauce was a pleasure to have on their ribs. This half rack just melted in your mouth though I never mind a bit of chew as long as their is legitimate smoke in my bite. What really got me about this rib was the sweet kiss of hickory coupled with the sugar in the BBQ sauce. Just a whole different flavor profile when compared to that Central Texas BBQ that’s typically at my finger tips. Taking a BBQ vacation from your familiar flavor profile isn’t just fun, it’s an important thing to do for your own palate’s sake.

The menu at The Pig Whole Hog BBQ get’s even more interesting. Po Boy’s, Pork Cheek done up with Vietnamese flavors and even Tempeh are frankly very intriguing. Still, it all comes down this bad boy right here: pulled pork and a vinegar spiked slaw on a hamburger bun. BBQ like North Carolina intended it to be: utterly tender, tangy and habit forming.


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  1. […] a tough act to follow. The day before me and my crew had an epic Eastern Carolina BBQ lunch from The Pig in Chapel Hill N.C. and that was some of the best barbecue I have had in years. Green River BBQ at best might make for […]

  2. How about adding chicory and tomatoes? To be fresher?

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