7th Street Burger NYC

July 28, 2023

7th Street Burger NYC montage

The Vitals:
the spot: 7th Street Burger NYC 11 locations in NYC
the eats: Double Smashed Burger
the bucks: $9.50
the full nelson: NYC’s Cheap Eats take on the Smashed Burger phenomenon

Last week I returned to New York City and did a sequel of my burger binge that went down back in 2017. The burger scene continues to evolve, most notably with the red hot trend of smashed burgers. Abbas Dhanani aka Houston Eatz and owner of Burger Bodega insisted I hit up 7th Street Burger NYC for a smashed burger and he isn’t one to steer me wrong. His Smashed Burger was one of my favorite bites of 2022.

7th Street Burger NYC

Cheap Eats prices for 2023

7th Street Burger NYC is bringing in the Cheap Eats prices for 2023. Especially so when considering the fact that we are in Manhattan. What started during pandemic times about two years ago has exploded into 11 locations of 7th Street Burger NYC throughout the city. I’m guessing affordability is a big reason why. And so is this:

7th Street Burger NYC assembled

Essential toppings only

I love the cook on the onions at 7th Street Burger NYC. Like Burger Bodega, they prefer a light cook. Pickle is made in house so think of it as a little fancy but nothing too ambitious to get in the way of plain old burger bliss. American cheese, a housemade “Big Mac sauce” and a well toasted potato roll round out the classic cheeseburger experience.

7th Street Burger NYC unwrapped

When cheese sticks to paper . . .

. . .  you know you’re getting an ooey gooey cheeseburger experience. I have advocated for the wrap and hold method when making smashed burgers at home for the Takeout. So happy to see the practice in effect 7th Street Burgers NYC. And yeah, it really allows the burger to be immersed in it’s own essence. Don’t forget the napkins.

As a burger tourist, consider the value for 7th Street Burgers NYC and the convenience of 11 locations along with the fact that this burger travels better than most. A simple, cravelable cheeseburger experience that I imagine hits the high octaves both late night and the morning after. This one is Cheap Eats 2023 certified along with being Ali Khan Eats approved.

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