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February 26, 2024

Nene's Taqueria montage

The Vitals:
the spot: Nene’s Taqueria 660 Degraw St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
the eats: Tacos (duh)
the bucks: $
the full nelson: Legit NYC Taqueria 

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Nene’s Taqueria got a big time shoutout by now retired NBA star JJ Reddick back in 2021 on his podcast. Riddick went out of his way to find Nene’s Taqueria which at the time was tucked inside a little market in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn in NYC. Since then, Nene’s Taqueria has expanded into three locations including the Barclay Center where the Brooklyn Nets play.

Nenes Taqueria trompo

Nene’s Taqueria Trompo

I knew none of this when I walked into Nene’s Taqueria last fall. To be honest, I was looking for some Cheap Eats in Brooklyn and set the dollar sign on Yelp to “$” which brought me to Nene’s.

Having lived in Los Angeles for 20 years and now Austin for 8 years, I tend to stick my nose in the air when it comes to appreciating Mexican food on the East Coast. But I do know that any taqueria with a trompo or vertical spit, is doing it right.

Nenes Taqueria tacos

Birría, Steak, Adobada, Lengua tacos

Beef Birría, which is a braised beef dish from Tijuana MX, built up the legend of Nene’s Taqueria. It’s offered not only in taco form but in quesadillas, ramen, pizza, as a plate and in its traditional form: consommé or soup. I went with a birría taco along with the Pork Adobada which is a Tijuana style Al Pastor, Carne Asada and Lengua which is Spanish for tongue.

I loved them all. Each taco was generously filled with the protein of choice and topped with abundance and care. At around $4 a pop I thought the tacos were fairly priced for there size and quality.

On a future visit I probably should try the Birría consomme, maybe even the Birría pizza because it is New York after all. Still it will be hard not to repeat this taco order. And that’s the sign of a good taqueria: a perfect flight of tacos you want to come back for again and again.

And for the record: JJ Reddick has damn good taste in tacos.

Or just watch the damn video!!


Last fall i was in Park Slope Brooklyn and rolled dice on yelp for tacos. Nene’s Taqueria is pretty legit. 10/10 id hit this place again #alikhaneats #tacos #nyc #newyork #brooklyn #parkslope #nenestaqueria @nenestaqueria #ClimaQuenteCabeçaFria

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