Sanguich de Miami ~ Miami FL

East Coast
August 3, 2022

Sanguich montage

The Vitals:
the spot: Sanguich de Miami 12057 SW 8th St. Miami FL 33135
the eats: Cubano, Pan con Bistec
the bucks: $10-$14 (give or take .50 cents)
the full nelson: if there is a better Cuban sandwich, I’d still go here too

If there was one flaw to my Cubano sandwich experience at Sanguich de Miami, it’s that I didn’t eat it right there on the spot. Then again the highlight of my Cubano experience at Sanguich de Miami was eating their Cubano sandwich at 30.000 feet. I love a carefully planned meal on a plane. I don’t mind being “that guy” who opens up a bag or box of deliciousness down in coach or first class for that matter. Some people have rolled their eyes but all I can say to that is “you chose to pay for Chili’s To Go, I chose to have my Lyft driver stop at one of the best Cuban sandwich joints in Miami” on my way to the airport. Sorry not sorry, people.

Cubano Sanguich 2

“Everything is made in house. Down to the mustard”

Over DM’s on Instagram I gathered some impressive details about Sanguich de Miami. I was curious about the spot on sliced ham that joins forces with the signature slow roasted pork, commonly referred to as lechon because of the whole Spanish thing, to which I received the response: “Everything is made in house. Down to the mustard”. That’s impressive folks . . . they make the damn mustard.

I will stop myself and add that the bread is made elsewhere but to spec and that the lard rendered from the pork and ham is used to toast the bread. What does all of this mean? Well, along with the spot on layers of cheese and pickle, the sandwich is perfectly balanced yet hearty as hell and hits like a perfect homemade holiday meal slapped between two slices of bread baked with love. A damn fine, perhaps perfect sandwich. And I had it cold on the plane. Well, let’s call it room temp.

Bistec con Pan Sanguich

Tomorrow’s sandwich: a worthy sequel

Of course I had to get two sandwiches and I chose the Pan Bistec. Sous vide steak gets hit with mojo rojo, shoestring potatoes and swiss cheese. Mojo is a popular sauce and marinade in Cuban cooking, often using garlic and citrus to flavor pork dishes. I’ve never had mojo rojo but don’t think this is as spicy as it looks. It’s more like an earthy chile profile like guajillo used in Menudo or birría. It gives the beef a subtle depth of flavor.

So I did eat this a full day after ordering it which meant a night in the fridge(gasp) and a trip to the microwave(double gasp). It was still good AF. I mean, its beef and potatoes in bread from a joint that goes to the trouble of making their own mustard. As I dug through my bag I realized I left out the garlic aioli which is a condiment you can get on the side. The sandwich didn’t need it but also I wasn’t wowed by it either. I’ll also add that this sandwich is good but the Cubano takes top honors.

Until we meet again

I’ll just have imagine what it’s like to have a cafecito post Cubano at Sanguich de Miami. I’ll definitely need to eat these sandwiches on premises to get the full Sanguich de Miami experience. But you know what? It’s a sandwich, the perfect portable food and possibly the best takeout you can do on a plane for your own sake for the sake of your fellow passengers. So try Sanguich de Miami at 30.000 feet. Be that guy. It works for me. And my guess is a Cubano from Sanguich de Miami at 30,000 feet will work for you too.

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  1. […] to seek out a proper Cubano sandwich when you’re in Miami. I even went to the extra trouble of snagging one on the way to the airport, and let’s just say the term “mile high club” has a whole new meaning now. That is, I ate a […]

  2. Heineken Tom says:

    It’s fine to be “that guy” but don’t bring nachos, pizza or fish (in any form) on the plane.

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