Spicy Boys ~ Austin TX

August 23, 2020
Spicy Boys fried chicken Montage

The Vitals:
the spot: Spicy Boys Fried Chicken 1701 E. 6th St. Austin, TX 78702
the eats:bone in fried chicken
the bucks: $11
the full nelson: how to get hooked on dark meat chicken

I’ve been eating fried chicken all wrong. I like white meat. And I order white meat almost every time. The thing is, you can’t do that at Spicy Boys Fried Chicken. It ain’t on the menu. And it’s because like most awesome chefs, they know their food better than you.

Spicy Boys fried chicken sign

Dem Spicy Boys are pretty darn awesome. So much so that a couple months ago they just gave me a leg and thigh to nosh on, just to be cool. And suddenly I saw the light. And it guided me to the dark . . . the dark side of fried chicken . . . I’m talking about bone in thighs and drumsticks, folks.

Spicy Boys fried chicken two piece

Spicy Boys fried chicken trailer sprung from Soursop, whose unconventional (and beer friendly) Asian fare proved that fried chicken and wings with Korean and Thai flavors could stand on their own. Initial visits focused on wings and fried chicken sandwiches. But the holy grail of fried chicken will always be what you can do with bone in chicken. That is where Spicy Boys really shines.

Spicy Boys fried chicken up close

There is no shortage of flavor or texture with this fried chicken. The crunch of the first bite is legendary. You are probably noticing the scallions and the sweet chili honey sauce. But you’re also seeing fried shallots, a lot of seasoning and lime. Being food truck fried chicken, I took my first moments after it was plated and that’s the way it should be.

Spicy Boys fried chicken two piece

While the preparation is clearly Spicy Boys Fried Chicken trademark, what can’t go unnoticed is that only dark meat is featured in the bone in fried chicken menu. Professionals and connoisseurs will tell you this is the only way to eat fried chicken. Only recently have joined the chorus.

I’ll still get white fried chicken when I can, and that just might be the point. Spicy Boys serves it up their way and they guide me to make choices I might not make on my own. Much like instructions from a sushi chef on when to use soy sauce, we are best left to trust the person making the food on how to best enjoy it. The path to the light is paved in the dark. This is true in life and with fried chicken euphoria.

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