Wunderoots + ‘Nade mashup recipe

September 23, 2021

Wunderoots + 'Nade mashup montage

Not a sponsored post but . . .

Recently I got hit up by Wunderoots to try out their carrot based products. Now before anyone calls me a sellout to the Beyond Meat cabal, hear this: I eat vegetables and this product is not as much a meat substitute but an opportunity to eat more veggies. I was also hit up by ‘Nade to try their Thai inspired marinade/sauce. When life hands you lemons or in this case Thai style carrot noodles and a Thai marinade, you reach for some  . . .

Wunderoots + 'Nade mashup ingredients

. . . chicken breasts

At a recent Wunderoots event, a Thai food truck prepared Pad Thai, that Thai noodle classic, with carrot noodles. This was a genius move in my opinion. The noodle dish already is known for having carrot so adding carrot noodles in place of the noodles and the carrot wasn’t just a no brainer, it was making a dish even easier to prepare.

Wunderoots + 'Nade mashup marinade

A ziplock and a little time

I had a recent revelation with boneless chicken thighs in the airfryer. Spoiler alert: it’s delicious. I need to trust chicken thighs more but until I do I will always reach for a marinade and plastic bag to give chicken breast an opportunity to succeed. I pride myself on researching and making my own marinades but when you get a bottle of marinade for free . . . you use it. For what it’s worth I let the chicken marinade all night in the fridge but a couple hours should do.

Wunderoots + 'Nade mashup grilled chicken

Summon the Traeger

I threw these chicken breasts on the Traeger on 250 till the chicken was almost done, then cranked up the heat to give them a char. I’ve spent some time trying to add more smoke flavor to the Traeger, especially when I make ribs. I will say that a soy sauce marinade in a pellet grill gives off a very pleasant smokey kick.

Wunderoots + 'Nade mashup saute

Summon the non stick skillet

The Carrot noodles from Wunderoots come in noodle form and with a sauce. But I was focused on my “Nade marinade so I skipped that. I tossed the noodles in a heavy bottom non stick skillet in some sesame oil and got my sizzle on. I sliced the chicken breast, added that along with more ‘Nade sauce in a few minutes we were going to town . . .

Wunderoots + 'Nade mashup plated

Power Bowl

Healthy if you’re about skipping the starchy stuff and flavorful AF, I’d pay for this bowl when I’m craving a post workout treat yo self kinda meal. I heartily recommend you try ‘Nade for a marinade and like to cook a on a pellet grill or really any grill. And if you’re counting carbs, why not try carrot noodles? They work well, especially in a Thai style noodle dish. Two thumbs up from Ali Khan Eats.

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